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If the region sees more snowfall or icy conditions we'll continually update this page to let you know how this is affecting our services.  To find out if your bus service is affected by the weather, take a look below for...

...Latest service update.

...Tips on travelling during bad weather.

...thank you message from Peter Shipp

...some of the comments from our passengers

Snow view from top deck

A brilliant photo sent in by Jordan Donnelly of the view of the snow covered landscape from the top deck of our Service 121 bus between Driffield and Hull on Friday.


Hornsea in snow

A snowy Hornsea bus station, by Ana Parr.  Thank you, Ana, for your praise for our drivers, we'll pass your comments on to all our staff.


246 in snow

Service 246 making its way through a snowy Leven, kindly sent in by Arnold Underwood.

Willerby bus in snow

One of our Willerby buses makes it through the snow.   Photo kindly supplied by Mrs Dunlin of Willerby.

See more photos of our buses in the snow. 


Latest Update: Friday 7 January 2011

All services are currently running as normal.

In the absence of any further updates, customers can take it that all services will continue to operate normal routes and times.

If you want to see if your service is affected by roadworks please check our roadworks roundup page.






Tips for travelling in bad weather

Here are some tips for when you're out and about on the buses during wintry weather:

  • Check before you travel. When there is heavy snow we may be forced to cancel some bus services due to impassable roads. We will post updates here on our website. You can also get the latest information by ringing BusCall, but please be aware that everyone else may be doing the same so lines can become very busy! You can also follow us at - useful if you need information while you're out as you can check it on your mobile phone.
  • Set off in plenty of time to catch your bus. Pavements may be slippery so it may take you longer than normal to get to the bus stop.
  • Wrap up well. In snowy weather traffic can often be slow so your bus may be delayed and you will need to keep warm at the bus stop.
  • Wear something bright. If it is dark or snowing it is harder for the driver to see you, so make sure you signal the bus clearly as it approaches.
  • Be patient. The driver's most important job is keeping you safe, so he or she may drive slower than normal if the roads are icy. Driving in such conditions is difficult and requires concentration, so please try not to distract the driver. You may get home later than normal, but the weather will have affected everyone, including those in cars.



Thank you message from Peter Shipp 

"A big thank-you to all our passengers for their patience and understanding during the recent bad weather which has severely disrupted our buses across the region. And thank-you to all our staff who have worked hard to keep services running, willingly driving 12 ton buses on roads and in conditions that have worried many car drivers.  Some have often struggled to get to work themselves and sometimes used their own cars to check roads before starting service, but some roads have been impassable or simply unsafe for buses due to snow and ice or badly parked vehicles.  Where we could get through, buses have often been seriously delayed due to the road conditions and slow traffic.

Even if one part of a route is clear another section may have problems, especially on minor and estate roads which have not been gritted, and a few are still impassable.  We are working with the local authorities to try and get these services restored as soon as possible.

I am very pleased that our staff efforts have been appreciated by many passengers who have kindly contacted us.  Several of these comments can be found here and we have kept this site up-to-date with information about our services so please keep checking if the conditions continue.  This page you're looking at now, with updates about the snow, has been viewed nearly 100,000 times since the bad weather began in November, so we hope all of you that have looked here have found the information useful.

Many people have used EYMS buses for the first time, perhaps because cars have been stuck on drives, office car parks have been unusable, or because some did not wish to drive in these conditions.

You will not have found us at our best for reasons totally outside our control, but I hope that we have provided a service which has helped you in these rather exceptional circumstances.  I hope you will try us again when the weather is better and when you will find the friendly and much more reliable service which helped us to win the "Large Bus Operator of the Year Award" in 2009. If you did use our buses for the first time during the snow why not tell us what you thought about it?  Email your comments to

EYMS staff will continue to do their very best to keep buses running wherever possible whatever the weather as we understand the importance of our services to the thousands of people who rely on us each day."

Peter Shipp - Chairman and Chief Executive, EYMS Group Ltd.



Got any photos of our buses in the snow? Send them in to and we'll display the best of them on this website!

105 in snow by Jenna

A winter wonderland at The Lawns, photo by Jenna.


121 in snow at Hunmanby

Service 121 at Church Hill, Hunmanby last year.  As you can see, buses keep going where cars are stranded!  Photo kindly sent in by the aptly named Arthur Frost.


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