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EYMS is an award winning bus company, formed in 1926, that currently runs over 300 buses and coaches throughout Hull, East Yorkshire and the North Yorkshire coast. We also run coach holidays and day trips, or you can hire a coach or vintage bus from us.


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Real-time disruption

Hull: heavy traffic on Hedon Road is causing delays of up to 10mins for buses in the area. Sorry for your wait. #now
about 2 hours ago
Hull: the Service 66 due to leave Hull at 8.25am is not currently running due to a problem with the bus, apologies for the delay. #now
about 2 hours ago
E Yorks traffc update: Service X46: most on time, one bus delayed 9mins. X55: 0-5min delay. X80: on time. #now
about 2 hours ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 510: on time. 550: on time. Goole Town buses: on time. #now
about 2 hours ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 240: on time. 246: on time. 277: 5min delay. 360: on time. 361: 12min delay. 747: on time. #now
about 2 hours ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 121: 0-10min delay. 122: 0-8min delay. 131: on time. 158: on time. 180: on time. 220: 10min delay. #now
about 2 hours ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 45: 10min delay. 75/76/77: most on time, one 75 delayed 12mins. 79: on time. 88: on time. 120: on time. #now
about 2 hours ago
Hull traffic update: Service 151: on time. 152: on time. 153: on time. 154: most on time, one bus delayed 10mins. 155: 0-7min delay. #now
about 2 hours ago
Hull traffic update: Service 62: on time. 64: on time. 66: 0-14min delay. 103: 0-5min delay. 105/115: 0-15min delay. #now
about 2 hours ago
Hull traffic update: Service 21: on time. 33: on time. 35: on time. 44: on time. 51: on time. 56: 0-8min delays. 57: 0-12min delays. #now
about 2 hours ago
Scarborough traffic update: town buses running with no serious delays. Service 128 suffering delays of 5-30min,not sure of cause at mo. #now
about 2 hours ago
Beverley: the Service 121 from Beverley at 6.05am is delayed due to the level crossing on Norwood being stuck down. #now
about 4 hours ago
Scarborough: Seamer Road is very congested again, causing delays for buses. #now
The Service 121 which left Hull at 3.25pm is delayed by around 20 mins due to an issue with the bus, sorry for your wait. #now
Hull: good news, Anlaby Road has finally reopened following this morning's marathon closures, so buses are all back to normal routes. #now
Hull: buses are still suffering delays from the marathon earlier, Service 350 to Scunthorpe delayed by 28 mins. #now
Hull: Hessle Rd is still closed, so buses in the area are continuing to divert. The city centee loop has now reopened, though. #now
Hull: We understand Anlaby Rd will now be closed 'til 3pm. Buses diverting via Walton St, Spring Bank, Calvert, Anlaby Rd. #now
Hull: roads in the east of the city have all reopened following the marathon, so East Hull buses all back to normal routes. #now
Hull: roads are being closed for the marathon that were not scheduled to be closed, causing serious disruption for buses in West Hull. #now
Hull: both parts of Pickering Rd have been closed, so buses diverting that way are stuck. We're sending someone to find out why. #now
Hull: don't forget the marathon takes place in the city today,if you're travelling please check diversion info: https://t.co/O8FxqzEGzN #now
Hull: it's Hull Marathon today, and there are many road closures in the city. All the info's on our website: https://t.co/O8FxqzEGzN #now
Beverley: Molescroft Road closed due to an accident, Service 121 is diverting via St Leonard's Road. #now
2 days ago
Hull: have you checked details of our marathon diversions yet? Info online - please read if traveling tomorrow: https://t.co/O8FxqzEGzN #now
2 days ago

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