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East Yorkshire Motor Services

EYMS is an award winning bus company, formed in 1926, that currently runs over 300 buses and coaches throughout Hull, East Yorkshire and the North Yorkshire coast. We also run coach holidays and day trips, or you can hire a coach or vintage bus from us.


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Real-time disruption

E Yorks traffic update: Goole Town buses: on time. X46: 0-15min delay. X55: on time. X80: 9min delay. #now
2 days ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 240/246: 0-8min delay. 277: 10min delay. 350: 5min delay. Brid Town buses: on time. #now
2 days ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 121L 0-10min delay. 122: 0-20min delay. 158: on time. 180: 8-9min delay. #now
2 days ago
E Yorks traffic update: Service 18: 0-5min delay. 45/46: 0-10min delay. 71: on time. 75/76/77: on time. 88: on time. #now
2 days ago
Hull traffic update: Service 151: 0-10min delay. 152: 0-5min delay. 153: on time. 154: 0-20min delay. 155: 0-15min delay. #now
2 days ago
Hull traffic update: Service 62: 0-10min delay. 64: 0-25min delay. 66: 0-10min delay. 103/105: 0-10min delay. #now
2 days ago
Hull traffic update: Service 21: on time. 33/35: 0-8min delay. 44: 0-12min delay. 51: on time. 56/57: 0-12min delay. #now
2 days ago
Scarborough traffic update: delays of up to 10mins for Services 7 and 128, but everything else is on time in the area. #now
2 days ago
Beverley: buses are back to normal routes in Beverley as Hengate is open following that earlier accident. #now
2 days ago
Hull: the 3.43pm Service 56 is not running due to problem with bus, sorry for delay. There should be another 56 a few mins behind. #now
2 days ago
Hull: 3 car accident on Bridlington Avenue, Service 21 having to use Wincolmlee. #now
2 days ago
Beverley: Hengate still closed, and still no sign of the recovery truck yet, so X46/180 buses continuing to divert via Keldgate. #now
2 days ago
Beverley: Hengate still blocked by car that's hit a wall. Buses divert as per last message. We're told likely to be closed 'til 2pm. #now
2 days ago
Beverley: accident on Hengate, road blocked. Buses diverting via Keldgate, Armstrong Way, New Walkergate. #now
2 days ago

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