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We received a lot of commendations for drivers going above and beyond the call of duty during the recent storm surge which caused severe flooding.  Here's a selection...

"Not only have EYMS got ALL services running, they even manage to give us real time updates.  Brilliant service."

"Excellent example of working together (with police, fire station, environment agency etc).  Proud to be part of local life."

"What a great team you are... Merry Christmas to all staff and drivers."

"Thanks EYMS for always attempting to provide great service."

"EYMS, you have done an amazing job.  Respect."

"EYMS, good job as every keeping Hull moving."

"EYMS have done a fantastic job all day."

"Hope you're all coping well, glad to hear you're trying to operate all services."

"... well done to drivers on keeping everything running."

"Cheers, our faithful bus company."

"Your drivers are doing a brilliant job in this weather."

"[EYMS] have been so helpful and trying to keep everything moving during the Humber flood.  Massive respect to them."

"Well done drivers, especially Withernsea."

"For the second time this year [EYMS] has been an excellent bus service in time of bad weather.  Doing all they can to help."

"Good effort from the 57 driver this morning in the Humber Flood."

"A big thank you to the lovely bus driver driving the 33 down Wold Road last night.  Very helpful."

"If Carlsberg did transport..."


We also had no less than five separate people contact us about one driver's act of kindness, after he stayed on after his night shift so he could help people stranded at Goole train station after trains were cancelled due to the severe flooding.  Here are a few of the comments:

"Driver 'Sam' on service from Goole rescued rail passengers and got us all safely back to Hull.  True gent, and a credit to EYMS'.

"What a great example of the bus and rail industry working together."

"I am writing to thank the bus driver for the service he provided last night.  Your driver... kindly arrnaged for the rail passengers to be transported to Hull and other destinations on route.  If it had not been for his professionalism, efficiency and kindness then the situation for many people could have been very dire.  I am aware that many travellers were extremely grateful and would like their thanks to be passed on."

"I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to the driver of the X55.  Without his kindness I would have been left stranded in Goole.  He was a credit to your company in difficult circumstances."

"We were fortunate enough to see the X55 and were able to reach home as a result of his understanding and safe driving under difficult weather and driving conditions.  Please pass on our sincerest thanks."


Well done to this driver, and all our staff, especially those who came in outside their normal shift times in order to help drive buses to evacuate people from stricken villages, and the supervisors who came in hours early for their shifts because they wanted to help.  The company is very proud of you - EYMS

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