Not a standard letter

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Mr T, a teacher at a local school, writes to thank two of East Yorkshire Coaches' drivers for their work on a recent school trip to London.

"Both did a great job and were very prompt and efficient, making our journey much easier and more enjoyable," he writes.  "They did more than what was asked and we were able to work together to deliver a really memorable experience for our pupils."

"We have used your company for several years for our trip and have been very happy to notify you of our positive experiences working with your staff.  I would like to point out that this is not a standard letter we send out for every trip, but that we only ever send a letter of this nature when we feel it is genuinely true."

"Drivers such as these are a great asset to your company, and I hope they will be available again next year when we approach you to book a similar trip.  Please pass on our thanks to them so that they know that their effort and skills are appreciated."

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