Cursed umbrella

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We received this letter from Mr CR of South Cave...

"Fristly, may I express my apologies for causing distress to your buses and drivers.

It all started when I picked up m umbrella to catch the 10.29am Service X4 from South Cave.  This proved a futile act as the forecast rain during the day in York and in the late afternoon at South Cave did not materialise.

Having caught the X4 in South Cave at precisely the scheduled time on 10.29am, my umbrella caused the double decker with its eye catching colour livery (which I very much like) to stutter to a halt on the uphill stretch at Drewton's.  The engine was switched off for a few minutes, during which time I re-furled my umbrella, which enabled the bus to continue without any problems to York.

After another enjoyable day at the Railway Museum looking at another form of transport, I completely forgot to re-furl my umbrella for the return journey, and sure enough your driver and his X4 bus got the umbrella curse.  Having struggled manfully with little power, no turbo and a plethora of illumination lights on the dash which would have put Blackpool Illuminations to shame he managed to arrive on time at York Railway Station for the 5.46pm departure.

After many telephone conversations, the driver admitted defeat in getting the bus out, and arranged for a replacement bus of uncertain timing.

My umbrella told me to get the Hull express leaving at 6.13pm, which would enable me to get home just before midnight.  Despite it having been the cause of all wrong things, I took this advice.

Now... East Yorkshire Motor Services to the rescue.  At Market Weighton Tesco stop I noticed [the first driver] running on the footpath beside by bus, and a few seconds later he appeared on the top deck asking for "the South Cave passenger".  The replacement X4 had caught up with the Hull service and the driver had the forethought and kindness to save me many hours of time.

Will you promise to allow my umbrella on your buses if I ensure that it is correctly furled?

A big thank you to your staff."

CR adds in a note that the driver saved him four hours on his journey, and believes that "all the stops were pulled out by your staff to alleviate my predicament".

Thank you for your letter, Mr R.  As we wrote in your reply, we will allow your umbrella on the bus in the future, provided that it behaves in a reasonable manner - EYMS.

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