Like the SAS

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EYMS sent a team of drivers and buses up to Glasgow to help with transporting people to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

We received several messages of praise from Glasgow residents, plus some great feedback from the Games organisers.

Mr PK of Glasgow emailed us to say "What a pleasure it was to see a number of your buses and drivers serving the Commonwealth Games here in Glasgow.  It was a great pleasure to see public service vehicles so clean it looked like you could eat your dinner off the vehicles.  It was also great to see that the vehicles are so well maintained that they run so quietly you do not realise they are behind you.  Keep up the excellent customer service that your staff provide, and keep up the excellent services to the public transport industry."

Mr AC of Glasgow sent us this: "Just a note to congratulate you on such a fine specimen of a bus fleet that was up in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.  Having been an HGV/PSV mechanic I appreciate the trials and tribulations of getting a safe/clean/reliable fleet out every day.  Keep up the good work!"

Finally, one of the Games organisers contacted us to say his colleagues "Praised the EYMS staff to high heaven" and that the East Yorkshire contingent became known as 'the SAS' because they all turned up together in convoy, on time, every day, impeccably dressed and were willing to work throughout the contract in an extremely professional and pleasing manner.

Well done to our staff who worked the Commonwealth Games contract for the excellent way they represented the company - EYMS.

Commonwealth Games buses and drivers July 2014

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