Letter from a big fan

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Charlie has written us a nice long letter to tell us about his experiences at our Big Bus Day this year.

"My name is Charlie, and I will be 10 next month.

My Grandad is a retired bus driver of 35 years, and I used to love going on my Grandad's bus as I have been a fan of buses since I was a baby.

I had seen the TV programme [On The Yorkshire Buses] advertised, and had asked my parents please could we watch it.  The series had me glued to the TV every Friday night.

...So you can imagine my complete joy when I spotted [Paul and Brian, who were featured on the show] at Big Bus Day.  I always enjoy the Bus Day, but [seeing the drivers] made it extra special.

Paul was really chatty with me, and allowed me and my brother to have our photo taken with him.  I was over the moon to have finally me him.

Later in the day I spotted Paul and Brian having their photo taken together.  I asked my Mum for the camera so I can take one too.  They both shouted me to the front so I could get a clear photo and then they both pulled fab faces for the photo.

On the way home on the bus I sat next to Brian and we started talking about our bus collections as well as football."

Charlie's parents have added a note to the bottom of his letter:

"May we just add as Charlie's parents how grateful we were to both Paul and Brian for giving Charlie so much attention at Big Bus Day.  And Brian for talking to him on the bus home after Charlie spotted him and quickly got in the seat next to him!  They both seemed to understand how much it meant to Charlie to meet them and we view them both as a credit to East Yorkshire Motor Services.  Our thanks go to them both."


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