Footsteps of the Fallen

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We received several letters of praise for our 2014 'Footsteps of the Fallen' coach tour around some of the most important locations of WWI, including Ypres, Poperinge, 'Toc-H' and the Notre Dame de Lorette Cemetery.

Mr R writes:

"I would like to relay [our group's] thoughts on the tour 'Footsteps of the Fallen".

"The choice of driver was indeed a master stroke.  [This particular driver] is exceptional in everything he does and his driving skills are second to none.  He also has the tact and professionalism to sort out any minor problems that might arise, hence he soon became the man we all admired and wanted to talk to.  Our Chairman, in his 'thank you' speech, summed him up as follows: "In football, Chelsea have a Special One, and [in this driver], East Yorkshire Coaches have a Special One.".  He also plays a magnificent Last Post on the trumpet.

The two guides...were so knowledgeable... and seemed to have the answer to any question we asked.

It was fantastic how quickly [the people on the tour] became a family group, sharing sadness and happiness together when appropriate.  Many friendships were made with exchanges of emails, addresses and telephone numbers.

As for me, I would like to thank your staff at the Anlaby Road office and the Interchange for their excellent assistance over the last few months [whilst organising the trip for a group]."


J & M sent a lovely 'To bring you luck' card, based on an embroidered message posted home by British soldiers during WWI, to the driver of the tour:

"Just a little note but a HUGE THANK YOU.  We have an amazing time on the Footsteps of the Fallen visit.  This was due mainly to you [the driver].  You were always so pleasant, calm, considerate, humerous and talented.  Playing [The Last Post on] the trumpet helped to make this a very memorable time.  Wonderful.  God bless you."

They also sent another letter directly to East Yorkshire Coaches:

"Thank you for a wonderful holiday.  Everything about the visit was very good.  Our driver was fantastic.  He was so calm, quck witted, caring, considerate, always polite and very talented - his trumpet playing was great and helped to make this a memorable time. 

The hotel was very welcoming (never had a red carpet before!), polite, helpful staff, lovely spacious bedrooms, well fitted out with tea making facilities which are not always given in European hotels, bottled water, towels etc, and a plentiful supply of tasty food.

Saturday was so moving, our Belgian Guide was amazing, so informative and interesting.

Once again, a big thank you for all the care taken in the organisation of the visit."


Mrs R writes:

"Yesterday we returned home from an EYMS coach trip, 'Footsteps of the Fallen', to the WWI battlefields of Flanders Field and the Somme, and I am writing to say how much we enjoyed this poignant trip.  The experience was enhanced by the lovely group of people who were on the trip with us, and a special mention must be made of our driver, he is a delightful man for whom nothing is too much trouble.  He had great empathy with those on the trip and knew when to laugh and when to cry.  Thank you."



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