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Mrs K of Middlesex has written in to thank two National Express staff (both EYMS drivers) who she thought delivered excellent customer service on her journey up to our region.

"I am a pensioner (aged 72) and a female passenger travelling along to visit friends in Lincolnshire," she writes.

"On the journey from London to Peterborough I was sitting in the front seat opposite the driver.  A lady with a small boy also got on and the mother asked if he could sit next to me as he liked to see what was ahead.  Naturally, I agreed.  He told me his name, and that he felt a little unwell as he had already been travelling on another coach for some hours.  [After a while] the boy was sick and felt pretty awful.  The driver was very concerned for the child.  He asked the mother if she would like him to stop so that Joseph could get some fresh air.  He then stopped the coach and helped Joseph off with his mother.  They had a little while outside the coach and then got on again.  The driver gave the child some hand sanitizer and some of his own bottled water.  He was very patient and sympathetic and made sure he was alright before driving on.  He frequently checked on how [the boy] was feeling, and told him how long it was before he arrived at [the destination they were travelling to].  I thought how kind the driver was and I do hope he can see this letter.  The driver gave first class customer service and is a credit to your company.

The driver changed at Peterborough, and we continued forward toward Lincolnshire.  We were a little early arriving at [the destination where the lady was to alight], and after a couple got off I was the last passenger on the coach.  I was going to get off the coach and wait to be picked up by my friends.  As they had not yet arrived, [the driver] said he could not leave me on my own in the dark in a very quiet street with few people around.  He insisted I stay on the warm coach and waited for my friends to arrive shortly after.  He made sure I was safe with them before leaving to finish his journey.  My thanks to him for his kindness.

Both of these employees are to be commended for their customer care and kindness."

Thank you, Mrs K.  We have sent a copy of your letter to both drivers to praise them for their customer service.  We hope you enjoyed your stay in Lincolnshire - EYMS.

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