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East Yorkshire Coaches recently ran a coach tour around Europe for tour company, and the guests on the tour were so impressed that they sent a thank you card for the driver.  Here are some of the messages on the card:

"You have been a very good driver.  We have trusted you and you repaid our faith in you.  You have been working tirelessly so that we could rest and sleep comfortably.  You have been amazing."

"Our lives were in your hands during this tour and you've done an amazing job of getting us around Europe... A big thank you for all your patience and just being you!  All the best."

"You are amazing, thank you for driving us safely."

"Our lives were in your hands for the last nine days.  Thank you for taking good care of us.  You were amazing.  God bless you."

"We enjoyed the whole drive.  You made us feel truly safe so we could relax.  You even took extreme care of our luggage all the time so we could go for walks.  May God bless you always."

"Thank you very much for driving us safely through Europe.  You lent us 'Frozen', which made Rachel's day!  Thank you."

"You have been a great driver.  We will miss you and had a great time."

"It's so nice to ride along with you, thanks a lot for the wonderful support.  Keep it up!"

"Thanks for moving us safely!  You have offered us all the help we ever needed."

And thanks to you all for the card, and the lovely picture of the coach full of smiley people which you drew on it! - EYMS

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