Up from London

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 A gentleman writes to us to praise one of our drivers.

"I live in London, where any attempt at seeking assistance from the driver is met with a contemptuous stare," he writes.  "So the friendly service I received from your driver was a real tonic.  She advised me on the best ticket to buy, and the fact that I only had a ten pound note for a £3 fare was met with good humour.  Try that one in London..."

"I was up in Hull to see my two year old granddaughter, and the service we received from EYMS and your driver in particular meant that, not only was it a pleasure to travel on the service, but it was also a great introduction to public transport for a little girl who I hope will one day grow up to be a regular public transport user."

Glad you enjoyed your trip, and we look forward to seeing your granddaughter on the bus frequently! - EYMS

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