An unscheduled trip to A&E

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We've had several letters from customers on our recent Isle of Man holiday, praising the driver for going beyond the call of duty.

Mrs F of Bridlington sets the scene:

"I have just returned from a wonderful holiday on the Isle of Man provided by East Yorkshire Coaches.

This was my first time using EYC, having only gone on day trips previously.  I would like to compliment you on the wonderful value you gave, everything was excellent.  I would save 10/10 for value.

My main reason for writing is to give the highest praise possible for the driver.  The service we received from him went far beyond the call of duty.  He was very courteous, caring and respectful.

On the last day of the holiday my friend had a fall and had a very deep cut on her forehead.  [The driver] made sure the rest of the passengers had alternative places to go and things to do before taking my friend and myself to the A&E at Douglas Hospital, where we had quite a long wait of three hours.  [The driver] stayed with us all the time.  He knew we would be late for our evening meal, so he phoned the hotel arranging for a late meal for us, and also to inform the rest of the passengers that they would not miss out on the last part of their trip as he would take them when he returned, thus missing out on his own evening meal.

I cannot praise this young man highly enough.  If there was an award for driver of the year he would get our vote... he is a credit to your company.  He is a treasure.  Many thanks for a wonderful holiday."

Mrs B, another guest on the holiday, writes:

"We haed a wonderful time [on the holiday], but the main reason I am writing is to say that our driver was very good.  His professionalism in dealing with everything is to be commended.  One of the passengers fell and needed to go to hospital for treatment.  [The driver] dealt with the situation in a very competent and caring manner.  I wish him well for the future."

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