College confidence

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 We received emails from two different students who have both recently started at a new college.

"The driver [of our college bus] has been very informative, supportive and punctual in getting us both too and from college... I wish for you to praise him if possible as it is much deserved... as he has eased my transition to college.  There have been nothing but good times on the buses, and I am delighted to see the tolerance to bullying is nil.  Thank you for your brilliant service."

"Just emailing to say that our [college bus driver] was lovely and made us all feel very welcome on our first few days at the college (which were a bit scary!).  [The driver] stopped to talk to us every single morning and was extremely friendly.  I feel like we were told the rules really well, and are now prepared for the journeys [for the rest of the year].... The journey was on time every day, and the driver made sure the journey was as quick and smooth as possible."

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