Common sense and compassion

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 We received the following email from a young lady who travelled on our Service 121 bus recently.

"I was traveling with my disabled sister, who is in a wheelchair and cannot get out to sit on a bus seat," she writes.

"There was already a wheelchair user on this service, [but he was sat in a seat with his wheelchair occupying the wheelchair space].  The bus driver stated he was only supposed to carry one wheelchair, but he could see the other chair occupying the disabled spot could be folded... he got out of his driver's booth and helped fold the other wheelchair and help rearrange everything so we could travel on this service and not wait an hour for another bus.

I didn't get the driver's name, but he was an absolute credit to your company.  He kept checking all through our journey that my sister was ok.

I am aware that your drivers go on training for when you have disabled passengers, but this was more than that - he used common sense and had compassion.

As I say, he is a credit to your team.  Please pass on my thanks and let him know he is doing a great job."

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