Heroes for the day

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 A lady contacted us to let us know how some of our staff came to her aid when her car had a problem.

"I am trying to thank some lovely people who came to our aid on Tuesday, especially the driver of the 121 from Driffield," she writes.  "We were attending a disability appointment, and unfortunately our car engine blew up (on the way there), which was scary enough.  The bus was passing, and although [I was] in a panic, after explaining the situation the driver allowed me to hop on quickly, leaving my poor husband, crutches, glasses and paperwork in the car.  I did not have any money with me, and my phone was dead. I cannot thank the lovely driver enough, as I had no clue where I was going or how to get there. 

[Later in the journey] the bus picked up an Inspector, and I tried to pass on my details and said as soon as I got out the meeting I would contact the office at Hull to pay for a ticket.  He told me [I did not have to], and got the bus to stop at the exact place I needed to save me walking far without my crutches.  I cannot thank these people enough, I was in a sorry state and a lot of pain, but they all chose to help me get to my meeting...  THANK YOU to my heroes for the day, thank you for helping a total stranger who was disorientated and babbling :-) "

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