Horsing around

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We've had a couple of messages recently from horseriders wanting to praise our drivers.

We received an email from a lady in Everingham who wanted to thank our driver for his consideration as she was riding her horse.

"I would just like to say thank you for the most considerate driving from one of your drivers.  I was riding my horse down [a narrow road] when one of your double decker buses came the opposite way.  He was fantastic, without any encouragement he put his hazards on to warn traffic behind, pulled over, switched off the engine and really made sure the horses were not spooked.

I was really appreciated, so please thank him.  It certainly made me feel your company obviously respects other road users and communities for the areas you serve.  Thank you."

We also received praise from an equestrian enthusiast in Holme On Spalding Moor:

"I just wanted to write to thank the driver [of the Service 18 bus] for the courtesy and consideration he showed my daughter and myself while out riding our horses.  My daughter's horse is very nervous around large vehicles, and your driver slowed right down and gave us plenty of room as we passed.  As riders we would prefer not to be on the roads, but need to use them to access bridleways.  It makes such a difference when all road users respect each other.  Thank you."


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