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 A local choir recently travelled with us in two coaches for a singing tour of the Lake District, and they wrote to praise our drivers.

"The two coaches were excellent, and the drivers were superb.

Both... are an absolute credit to EYMS.

Not only did they have an encyclopedic knowledge of the routes and area, they were also very caring and considerate to all the passengers.

They both went that extra mile, no pun intended, to ensure that we all had a really brilliant time.

Some of the driving conditions were, to say the least, very tight.  Add to that the fact that a huge number of "moronic motorists" had been allowed onto the public highways.  [Both drivers] handled every situation with calm politeness and consideration, something the rest of us could only wish to emulate in another life!

To cap everything, their good humoured banter with us rounded off a very pleasant weekend.

So well done [to the drivers], you are superstars."

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