"Should be nominated for a Nobel prize"

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We received an email from a lady who had been 'rescued' by one of our staff.

"I would like to commend one of your staff, the supervisor at your Pocklington depot.  Earlier this year there was a terrible flood at the bottom of Kilnwick Percy, and the buses were diverted [around the flood, and could not call at this person's village].

As you can imagine, I was very worried I was going to be stranded.  I called Pocklington depot to enquire whether, on a particular day when the rain had subsided a bit, the bus would be able to get through, as I had an important doctor's appointment that I just couldn't miss.  [The supervisor] told me it should be ok, and he was just waiting to see whether the buses could get through.  I called him again, and he said that [if buses couldn't get through on their normal route] he would personally come and get me himself.  ...Within 25 minutes he came around the corner in a bus marked 'not in service', picked me up (distraught), and took me to Driffield [for my appointment].  The man is a credit to EYMS, and should be rewarded.  What fantastic customer service!  And such a nice man, who made sure I was seated and OK before driving off, as I was near to tears.  Absolutely amazing!  He should be nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

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