An unfortunate fall

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 Mrs C of Hull writes to thank one of our driver's for his compassion towards her mother, who fell whilst in Beverley.

"I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to one of your drivers, who went above and beyond his job description last Saturday," she writes.

"My Mum fell and hurt her knee in Beverley, and [the driver] helped me get her up and on to his bus to Hull.  He was due a break when the bus got back to Hull, and his next service was the York bus, but he helped me get my mum off the bus to get her to the car, but we realised she was hurt worse than we first thought and would need an ambulance.  He waited with us for near on 40 minutes of his break time, talking to us and reassuring Mum that she was going to be ok, helping me keep her calm, and only left when he had to.  He went totally out of his way to help.  He is an absolute credit to your company and I don't know what we would have done without him."

We're glad to hear that after a brief stay in hospital your mother is now making a full recovery - EYMS.


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