The wheels on the bus go...

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 Mrs D wrote to us to tell us about a good experience her daughter had on the bus.

"On Sunday I took my excited two year old daughter on the bus, when the bus arrived it was obvious to see she was excited and the driver greeted her with a big 'hello', and gave her the ticket, he was very friendly and it was really nice that he acknowledged her and her excitement.

[At the end of the journey] we were the only ones left on the bus.  The driver commented on how well behaved my daughter had been, and then began whistling 'wheels on the bus'.  Her face lit up when she recognised the tune, and she began singing the bits she knew and doing the actions.  When we arrived at our stop the driver said he had a spare couple of minutes if she wanted to sit in the driver's seat, it was so kind of him to take a couple of minutes out of his day, and by doing so it made hers.  I just wanted to thank him again for his kindness."

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