Helpful and friendly

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We've had a spate of letters, emails and phone calls praising one particular driver.

Mrs J, who is 96 years old, rang to praise this driver, and said she appreciates the standard of travel on EYMS buses generally, as she prefers to use our buses rather than another operator because our drivers are much nicer, more helpful and friendly.

An anonymous caller wanted to praise this driver aftertravelling to a funeral in an area she'd never been to before.  She said the driver was very helpful in making sure she knew her way there, and wanted to send a big thank you to the driver.

Mrs L rang to say how lovely this driver was.  He waited at a bus stop for an old lady who was running late to get there, and all the passengers on the bus cheered him!

Ms L rang to say this driver is exceptional, and that he was very good, respectful and helpful to all passengers, not just herself.  Ms L is disabled, and said the driver was exceptional in the way he dealt with her both on the bus, and when she had to board and alight. 

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