Wheelchair novices

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 Miss D and her family visited Scarborough from the North East, and used our buses to get in and out of the town centre.

"Just want to say what fantastic drivers we had yesterday to and from Scarborough," she writes.  "The driver taking us was most helpful, cheerful, and really made our day.  Even when my mother's wheelchair started moving when the bus set off, he stopped and helped us secure it.  We were novices with the chair, and he was very helpful and gave great advice and could not do enough for us.

On the way back the driver of a different bus pre-warned us that there was already a wheelchair at the stop before us, and they could only take one chair.  So the pre-warning gave us time to collapse the wheelchair down prior to getting on the bus, and again our bus driver was more than helpful making sure we got on the bus ok, and my parents could get on ok.

Therefore I just felt I had to comment on the great service we got, and let you know what great staff you have (if you don't already know).  Thanks again."

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