Driving for biscuits

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We've received several letters and emails regarding one of our drivers.

"I wanted to write and praise the lovely lady who drove the bus I travelled on today.  She was so friendly and chatty to all the passengers and put a smile on everyone's face.  She was also a considerate and excellent driver, which I noted when we passed horses and a tractor.

She was helpful to me when I boarded the bus, telling me about another ticket type I could buy (a day ticket), if I needed to make an extra journey in the day.

The driver greeted everyone in a very friendly manner, and likewise made the effort to say goodbye and thanks to everyone, and "have a nice evening".  It was obvious to look at the other passengers that we all found her very jolly, and if fact another lady gave the driver a biscuit when she got off the bus!

Please pass on compliments to this driver, and let her know that in going the extra mile and being so pleasant to everyone she makes a big difference in everyone's day."


"I would just like to say how lovely [this driver] is.  She is very friendly and welcoming, at the same time as maintaining the correct level of professionalism.  She's always smiling, and is also very considerate of older generations/parents with kids, who sometimes need a little longer to sit down and/or get off the bus.  Top job, EYMS, keep it up!"


"She has a friendly word with every passenger who gets on and off, and she never starts off until everyone is safely seated.  She even waves when she sees her passengers in the street.  A real credit to your company."


"She is always jolly, happy, and very good at customer service, a joy to have her as a driver.  100% the BEST driver by a mile."


"Her manner, attitude to customers and overall customer service is second to none."


"She is always friendly and helpful, and a credit to your company."


"Lovely lady driver on the Briercliffe bus this morning #mademyday."

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