Broken wheelchair

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 Ms F of Derbyshire wrote us a lovely letter to praise one of our Scarborough Park and Ride drivers.  She came up on holiday to Scarborough, when disaster struck...

"I am writing to highly praise one of your drivers.

Three weeks ago, myself and my partner used the Park and Ride service to get into Scarborough.

I am disabled and need to use a wheelchair when going out. 

The driver was brilliant, he went above and beyond helping me on the bus and when getting off.

Whilst in Scarborough one of the wheels on my wheelchair snapped, and when the bus came for going back we had the same driver.  He directed us to a disability shop he said would help us and, indeed, they did.

Thanks to the bus driver we were able to continue with our break.

Again, I can't praise him enough, and if you can please pass on my thanks again.  A credit to the company."

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