Exploring the Moors

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We've had several letters of praise for the regular driver of our Moors Explorer Summer Sunday bus.

"As a frequent passenger with EYMS, I wish to pay tribute to the standard of drivers of your company, all are polite, courteous, and extremely helpful," Mrs B writes.

"However, on behalf of my friends and I, we wish to record and highlight one particular driver, and that is the regular driver of the ME1 Moors Explorer bus.

Having travelling on this service several times, this driver goes the extra mile for and behalf of the passengers.

All passengers are treated with respect and dignity and equally, despite some of the disabilities they face.  For example, a severely disable young wheelchair user was given every assistance both on the outward bound and return journey (without any fuss - all part of the service to a passenger.)

It is always a pleasure to travel on this service, all due to this helpfulness of the driver (who makes everyone welcome when using, and throughout, this service.

WE wish to record our special thanks to this particular driver, for making it a special day/service for all passengers."

Mrs D writes:

"My sister and I have been on all the trips to the moors this year.  [The driver is] always smartly dressed, punctual and considerate to his passengers.  It was a pleasure to be in his company."

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