Helping a child with autism

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 We had a message from a parent who wanted to thank the bus driver for helping her children get to school.

"My son and daughter were waiting at [the bus stop] for the bus, and both are autistic.  My son suddenly realised that he had forgotten something and dashed home to get it, as we live near the bus stop.  The bus came along, and my daughter boarded the bus and went upstairs, too nervous to ask the driver to wait for her brother.  She managed to ring me, and I told her to go downstairs and ask the driver if he would wait.  This was a massive deal for my daughter owing to her autism.  The bus driver kindly waited [at the next stop], and I was able to take my son to the bus.  I would like to say a massive thank you to this driver, as he probably did not realise the courage it took my daughter to speak to him!"

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