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Ms SW, who began studying at Hull University this September, emailed us with her praise for our Student Support Team.

"I can now say that I am a student at the University of Hull.  I am writing to tell you how well the Semester Cards were advertised at the recent Freshers' Fair.  Whoever thought to advertise within a fortune cookie is a genius.  Granted, most people were expecting 'you will meet a tall dark stranger', but I thought what was inside was so much better."  [If you want to know what was inside you'll have to come and see us at the Freshers' Fair next year!  EYMS].

"Most people take the time to write to a service with complaints, however I wantd to do likewise and commend whoever for the advertising.

I am the proud owner of a bus pass, and thank heavens I got one, I have already used it so many times, and was surprised to learn that I can also go into Hull city centre as well as just to and from the university."


Thanks S, and we're sure our fortune cookies will say you're destined for a bright future!  EYMS

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