"Safest driver"

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An email from a reader of this section!  He says:


"I have just checked out your website for a travel update and saw the Happy Customer section.

I believe that as well as giving constructive criticism when due we should also give praise where appropriate.

So I have constructed this email in recognition of the consistent approach of one of your drivers.

I use the buses which serve Scalby Road on a regular basis and he is a familiar face on that route, and what a relief it is when he is driving the bus I am about to board.

He has to be the safest driver within the company, I have no worries about not getting a seat if he is in control.  He has a way of driving a bus that is so rarely seen.

Reflected in his driving is an awareness for the safety of his passengers.

So as I said, praise where praise is due.  I hope you will pass on this email to the driver concerned and express my thanks for his customer service and driving skills which enable me and others to go about our daily lives in as safe and less harassed way."


Thank you, we have identified the driver you are speaking about and we've passed on your comments.

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