Out of town visitor

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We received a lovely letter from a passenger from out of town who travelled on Service 77 from Hull to Withernsea.

"Would you be kind enough to pass on my special thanks to the driver of Service 77.  Being a stranger to the area I asked her if she could tell me which would be the nearest stop in Withernsea to my nephew's house, with whom I would be staying.  She kindly said she would let me know. 

The bus was packed to the gunnels with shoppers loaded with parcels, schoolchildren, mums with babies in buggies and me with my suitcase.  All through the long journey of twisty roads and snow and ice she drove calmly and expertly, which showing great courtesy to all passengers getting on and off the bus. 

After a long time I wondered if she had forgotten, but eventually she called to me and not only pointed me in the right direction, but waiting until I had crossed the road.

Such kindness really deserves a special mention."

Thank you, we have passed your thanks on to the driver who helped you.  I hope you use the bus again next time you visit our area!  EYMS

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