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We recently got some letters from Year 6 at a Beverley primary school.  We had organised a bus to take them on their school trip at Hornsea Museum, and several of the class wrote to thank us.  Thank you for your letters and pictures, there were some very colourful drawings of buses!  Read some of their letters...

"Thank you for giving us a bus to ride on.  I enjoyed the ride to and back from Hornsea.  On the way to Hornsea we sat on the top level and on the way back we sat on the bottom.  I totally enjoyed the ride.  Thank you for organising the bus just for us.  From James."

"Thank you for organising the bus for us all, it was very fun at Hornsea Museum.  I would like to go again.  From Philbe."

"Thank you for giving us a very nice bus.  The museum was brilliant, there was a teacher called Mrs Grim, she had a cane.  Thank you for giving us a nice bus driver.  I enjoyed this so much, thank you again.  From Jack."

"Thank you very much for organising the wonderful school trip to Hornsea Museum.  Everyone really enjoyed the visit, I loved sitting at the top of the bus because I like being very high up above the people.  The trip was very fun and exciting to go in and I would love to do it again.  Once again, thank you.  From Georgia."

"Thank you for organising the bus so that we could go on our school trip and the bus driver was very nice because he kept us safe all the way and back.  In fact, the views were amazing all the way there and back.  From Joshua."

"Thank you for organising our bus trip to Hornsea Museum, and an extra thank you for letting us have our private bus.  The bus driver was very friendly to us indeed.  The countryside views were nice to see, plus the horses we noticed on the way too.  We had a fantastic time at Hornsea, we did Victorian laundry [at the museum] that was some hard work too, but we would never have had that fun if no one took us, but you did, thank you!  From Georgia."

"Thank you for organising our bus on our school trip to Hornsea Museum.  It was really nice of you that you could organise our own bus to take us on our school trip.  We had a really good time because you were able to arrange our transport.  It was really convenient that you were able to do this for us and to make all of our day possible.  Your help is much appreciated by the whole year group and once again thank you very much.  From Jack."

"Thank you for letting us on the bus and we wouldn't have got there without your help.  The bus driver was very kind and he got us there and back safely.  From Jack."

"Thank you for letting us have our own bus, it was so fun.  The bus driver was very nice.  The journey was very nice, the view coming up to Hornsea. From Matthew."


We also had an email from another school, thanking East Yorkshire Coaches for taking them on their school trip.

"I am just writing to say a big thank you for providing us with an excellent coach and two brilliant drivers.  We booked for a trip down to London and were lucky enough to have [the two drivers].  They were excellent and went out of their way to make our trip run smoothly.  On behalf of all the staff and children from the school, a big thank you."

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