Made the journey fun

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We received an email from a lady on holiday in the region who travelled on our buses.

"My husband and I were on holiday in Filey and we decided to catch the bus to Scarborough.  It was driver by a delightful gentleman... and I can only say that he made the hour journey an absolute pleasure.  He was helpful when we boarded, enquiring if we needed a return ticket (we were walking back along the Cleveland Way) and he had a kind and cheery word for every passenger that got on.  At the end of the journey he even wished us good luck with our walk back, even though we were not one of his regulars.

Once again a big thank you to [the driver], who made what could have been a very long bus journey fun, and with a heart warming kindness for a job that he obviously loves and his passengers also enjoy."

We hope your walk went well, and that you come back to visit the region again soon! - EYMS

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