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We recently received an email praising one of the drivers of Service 115 for his admirable driving.

The story begins as the passenger is on board Service 115, when "as the bus was quite correctly proceeding across the intersection I saw a car approach with speed from our left.  The bus driver, who had clear right of way, saw it coming and realising it would not stop, braked immediately and the car sped past the front of the bus without slowing.  I have no idea how it missed us but I guess it was by a hair's breadth.  The young driver looking back at the bus driver and unbelievably smiled at him as she gave a cheery wave.

Before moving on, the driver leant out from his chair and checked that we were all ok, given the sharp braking.  We were fine (including several pensioners).

We continued on without incident, and I can also report that the driver waited for all passengers to be safely in their seats before he continued from each bus stop.

In my view, the bus driver not only saved the young car driver from very serious injury by his quick reactions, but also saved injuries to passengeres and himself and hundreds or even thousands of pounds of damage to the bus.

I asked the driver his name as I got off the bus, as I wish to commend this man for his excellent driving and hope you can inform him of my gratitude.  I myself am no spring chicken and may well have injured myself had there been and impact.  My thanks to him!"

Thanks for your email, we've passed your thanks on the driver involved - EYMS

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