Modest driver

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Mrs B writes to us to praise one of our X46 drivers.

She says "today I had the pleasure of being driven home from York on the 4.05pm Service X46 by [this driver].  I was amazed how carefully and smoothly he drove, when he stopped the bus it was so smooth I hardly knew we had stopped.

As I was alighting at the end of the journey I asked [the driver] his name and told him I was going to write to you.  He was very modest and said 'Well, we had a good run today'.  I have been on good runs lots of times, but never as smoothly driven as [this driver] did.  He is also a very pleasant and careful driver."

Mrs B also wrote to praise one of our Beverley drivers.  She said that "at all times [the driver] is very pleasant and his driving skills are excellent.  I am not too good a traveller, but when [this driver] is driving the journey is always enjoyable and I feel great."

Thank you for writing in, Mrs B, we have passed along your comments to the drivers concerned, we're very pleased at their good work - EYMS

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