Friendly conversations

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We received the following letter recently from Mr SB of Hull:

"You must get a bit 'miffed' with whingeing whiners, so I thought you might like a word of appreciation.

On Monday I caught the 121 to Beverley...the young driver was very pleasant and extremely courteous, calling me 'Sir' a few times during a couple of friendly conversations, and his driving was excellent (I'm an ex-driving instructor/lorry driver/ex-EYMS in the '70s).  It was very smooth and comfortable.  I caught the 121 back shortly afterwards, and again it was good driving with the usual EYMS friendly courteous service.

I have always appreciated what EYMS do for the area, and the value for money service.

Thanks to you and all your drivers."

Thanks for your letter Mr SB, we've passed on your comments to the drivers involved and we're grateful you took the time to write in - EYMS

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