"Your bus was like a big bright lollipop..."

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We recently received several letters from school children who visited Scarborough for a school trip from a junior school in Keighley.  They wanted to say thank you to the driver who drove their bus.  Here is what they said...

"Dear Bus Driver.  It was so fun on the bus, especially because it was a double decker bus.  I was so lucky to get on the top of the bus because there were that many people.  I liked the colour of the bus, white and red is a very good colour for a bus, especially your bus.  I thought when I was on the bus I was staring at a big bright lollipop, it was just as bright.  From Kayleigh."

"Dear Mr Bus Driver, I really enjoyed the journey to Scarborough in your really cool double decker bus.  I had a really good time in Scarborough (especially the beach) and I wouldn't be able to get there if it wasn't for you.  Thanks again.  From Elizabeth."

"Dear Mr Bus Driver, I really enjoyed the journey in your cool double decker bus.  It was a shame I did not get to see you because I was on the top of the bus, but I did get to see you when I was getting on the bus.  I had a brilliant time.  Thank you very much.  I enjoyed all of the journey and my friend dropped her hat on the bottom step.  Thanks again, from Katie."


And here are some of the pictures the children decorated their letters with...

Bus picture from James

Picture from James


Bus picture from Kayleigh

Picture from Kayleigh


We're glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for the lovely letters! - EYMS


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