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You've been forgetting a lot of things on the bus recently... luckily once you've contacted us (or even before you know they're missing!) we've managed to get your possessions back to you.  Read on for some examples...


DR WHO LEGO!  "I got off the X46 bus today travelling home when I realised I had left a carrier bag with a Dr Who lego present in it.  I did not ring until [several days later], but it was found and I was told that I could pick it up in Hull.  The assistant was faster than a Time Lord and she brightened up my day!"


PHONE!  A parent rang to say her son had left his phone on the bus seat when he got off the bus at school, and had spent all day worrying and thinking he would never see his phone again.  However, the driver found it, handed it in, and the son was "a happy young man" again"!


PHONE!  "I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the driver of the 240 bus who found my daughter's mobile phone.  Also to [staff at BusLine], who contacted Control and relayed my message to the driver, who found the phone and passed it to a colleague at the Interchange for my daughter to collect later last night.  Everyone was really helpful, and it really puts your faith back in services when something like this happens.  Thanks again."


PURSE!  "I would like to extend my gratitude to the driver of the X46 bus from Hull to York.  When I got to York I forgot my purse on the seat.  When I realised it, the bus had already gone back to Hull.  When I went to customer services this morning I was handed my purse intact with everything in it.  Please extend my gratitude."


HANDBAG!  "I would like to sincerely thank [one of our staff] at Hull Head Office for her help in finding my handbag.  I had two heavy bags, and as the bus pulled away from my stop I realised that I had left my handbag on the bus.  I rang Hull office, and [the staff member] said she would make some calls and get back to me.  She contacted me a short while after to say they were trying to contact the driver and would get back to me when she heard anything.  Shortly after, she rang again to say that my handbag had been found by the driver and I could collect it at the Bridlington depot.  Needless to say, I was extremely relieved that it was found.  [The BusLine staff member] was calm, polite and efficient, for which I am very grateful.  I would also liek to sincerely thank the driver for finding my handbag.  The customer service was excellent."


WALLET!  A letter in The Scarborough News gives thanks to our Scarborough staff.  A man left his wallet on our Service 7 bus, but didn't realise.  An hour or so later he received a call from us to let him know his wallet had been found on the bus, and he could collect it when he was ready.  "Can I just say a huge thank you to the public-spirited passenger who handed it in, and also to the Scarborough and District Bus officer who felt the need to inform me as soon as possible so that I wouldn't begin the long and annoying process of cancelling all my cards.  And, of course, everything within the wallet (cash, cards etc) was untouced.  This could have been a very stressful and expensive episode, but in the end, thanks to people's kindness, it turned out to be no more than a minor inconvenience, and an opportunity for my faith in human nature to be bolstered."


PE KIT!  A mother of a child who travels on one of our buses to school got in touch to praise the driver.  Her son had forgotten his PE kit, but the driver waited for him to run back and get it, so lots of worry was avoided.


PURSE!  A lady rang BusLine in a panic as she had left her purse on the bus.  The purse was located and sent to one of our depots, where it was reunited with its owner.  The lady praised our BusLine clerk, saying "I am overwhelmed at the kindness and thoughtfulness that she showed while I was in a stressful situation and cannot thank her enough!"


AUSTRALIAN DIARY!  Ms H emails us to thank us for returning her lost diary - she left it on a bus on her way to Wales whilst on holiday and we found it in our lost property box and, through a bit of detective work, found her address is Australia.  Ms H says "This is the best news!  I would most definitely love to have it back, it would bring back so many wonderful memories of my trip to Europe and the UK.  I am over the moon that my diary was found.  Thank you for the effort you have gone to by getting in touch with me."


UMBRELLA!  A gentleman who travels with us regularly rang to praise a driver who reunited him with his lost umbrella.  The man left his umbrella at the bus stop without realising.  When he got off the bus an hour and a half later the driver handed him his umbrella, having seen it and collecting it for the man before the bus set off, but not knowing who it belonged to.  The gentleman was very grateful, otherwise he would never have seen his umbrella again!


PURSE!  From Mrs F: "I would just like to say thank you to the young lady at Beverley Bus Station, who helped me retrieve my purse from the 121 bus to Hull, and also to the driver who handed in my purse to the Travel Centre, and the young man who dealt with me at the centre in a very professional way.  We are very lucky to have such a good bus service in this area... well done everybody."


MOBILE PHONE!  The following was recently 'Letter of the Week' in a local newspaper.  "May I please thank East Yorkshire Motor Services through your paper.  The bus driver of the 45 route on Friday morning last week, and Dave in the office, should be awarded a medal for the amount of care and time they took last Friday morning to locate and return my mobile phone which I left (stupidly) on the 7am bus to York.  The fact that they not only located it successfully, but went to the bother of ringing me back four times to let me know they had found it and go to the bother of finding out which bus I would return on, all so tha tthey could then make arrangments to make sure it was on the right bus for me to collect on the way back to Bridlington.  Absolutely fantastic service, and one I was so grateful for, I could not thank them enough.  Well done EYMS!!!"  Thanks, SC, we saw your letter and have passed on your thanks to the staff involved - EYMS.


HANDBAG!  A letter to one of our bus drivers from Mrs F: "Just a short note to thank you for finding and returning my handbag to me - as you could see, I would have been devastated by its loss.  If there is anything I can do to show my appreciation, you have only to ask - the world has suddenly become a much better place!"


HAT!  From Mr M: "Last Wednesday I left my winter hat on the 746 bus at Market Weighton, and I would just like to say a big thank you to the people who retrieved it for me.  First was [one of our BusCall staff] - as soon as I explained the situation, she gave me the phone number of the Pocklington depot.  The second person I would like to thank was the manager of that depot.  He went out of his way to meet that bus as it arrived, and even arranged [to deliver the hat via the driver of the next bus].  Well done, and many thanks for going that extra mile." 


HANDBAG!  Passed on from National Express: "We travelled from London to Hull, but on leaving the coach I left my handbag on the seat.  When I realised I had left it we went back into the station, but the coach had gone...  [An EYMS National Express driver] took us to the depot and phoned the driver, and told us that the handbag had been put in the night safe.  We picked it up the next day from the depot.  I would just like to thank all the staff that helped me regain my bag and its contents - a great relief." 


WALLET!  "I just this moment collected [my lost wallet].  Would have been stranded without it, my eternal gratitude to the staff at EYMS.  Was wondering if it's hiring practices or training that produces such nice drivers.  I like to think that HR only hire nice people.  A lost wallet is a minor inconvenience to some, but the extra effort made is a lifesaver when you rely absolutely on concessions.  I'm so grateful.  I'd like to ask that formal commendations be given to a couple of drivers, if possible.  Thanks again, don't mean to make so much out of things but good service deserves recognition."


PHONE!  A tweet from a relieved parent: "Thanks for the friendly helpful help when my daughter left her phone on the bus yesterday.  Phone back with her #greatservice  The driver found the phone and found out who it belonged to by phoning the last number used, which was my sister, and she gave them my number.  They then phoned me and arranged to send the phone on the bus last night so my daughter could collect it.  Thanks to all involved.  Much appreciated!"


BAG!  Mr S of Darlington recently emailed North Yorkshire County Council to thank the Scarborough Park & Ride staff who assisted him when he lost his bag.  They passed the email on to us.  "I recently spent a week in Filey, and on my last day used your Park & Ride to travel to Scarborough.  Whilst on the bus I realised I had left my bag at the car park.  The driver was very helpful and compassionate and took me back to the car park to look for the bag.  Unfortunately, it was not there, but the driver continued to ask the janitor (to no avail).  He then radioed the control room and was told that the bag had been found and picked up by another bus driver.  After another radio message, the second driver returned to the car park and I was reunited with my bag, which contained my car keys.  Please can I take this opportunity to thank you, and espcially both drivers.  If the bag had not been found my journey back to Darlington would have been both difficult and expensive.  Thank you for contributing to a brilliant family holiday in North Yorkshire."


HANDBAG!  A lady emailed us to say she was working on a cruise ship which was docked in Hull when she left her handbag on the bus after a visit to the city centre.  She didn't realise she had lost it until she got back to her ship.  She rang BusCall, who liased with our Controllers and located the bag.  However, the bag was in Hull and her ship was about to depart so she couldn't leave it.  Our staff arranged for her bag to be brought to the dock so she could pick it up before they sailed.  She "would like to thank everyone involved in retrieving and returning the handbag - a fabulous piece of customer relations."


SHOPPING!  Mrs NU of Hull wrote to say she'd left a shopping bag on the bus.  "I rang your number and the phone was answered by [a lady] who very kindly took details and said she'd ring back, and she actually did, the bag was found.  Every one of your staff treated me so kindly.  I know I shouldn't be surprised, but as an OAP I'm quite often ignored and I want you to know your staff without exception were great, especially the driver, who was a gentleman without any effort."


CAMCORDER!  Mr RH of Scarborough got in touch to thank one of our drivers for returning his lost (and very expensive) camcorder.  He was so pleased with the honesty of our driver in returning the item that he contacted our Operations Manager to ask him to formally commend the driver. 


KEYS!  We recently received a call from Mr KW who was on holiday in the area.  While travelling around the area he accidentally left his keys on our Service 120.  When he realised the keys were missing he rang BusCall to try to locate them.  As he presumed he would just get through to an automated phone system he was pleased when he got through to a "friendly and helpful" BusCall clerk, who managed to ease his stress and panic by reassuring him that she'd do everything she could to help. 

BusCall put Mr KW through to our Bridlington Depot Supervisor, who handled the matter "very professionally".  Our supervisor managed to locate the lost keys, and even arranged for them to be delivered to the camp site where Mr KW was on holiday.

Mr KW also said that the bus driver who dropped off his keys was very friendly and polite.  Mr KW was extremely relieved to get his keys back, and rang us to thank everyone who was involved in the process from start to finish.

Thank you Mr KW, it's always good to receive praise for our staff like this.  We've passed your thanks onto all involved.  We hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday - EYMS


WALLET!  We've also had a call from another passenger, who was very grateful to receive a call from a driver to tell him his wallet had been found on the bus - he hadn't even known he'd lost it!  The driver then took the wallet round to the passenger's house after his shift had finished.


UMBRELLA! Rev. R was on holiday in Scarborough and left his umbrella on one of our open top buses (note to customers: you can sit downstairs on an open top bus when it's raining! EYMS).  The forgetful Reverend rang our Scarborough depot the next day and spoke to "a most helpful gentleman" who checked the lost property, found the umbrella and arranged for it to be taken to the hotel where Rev. R was staying.  Rev. R passed on his thanks to Scarborough Borough Council to say they were "most fortunate to have the services of an organisation that is prepared to go to such lengths to achieve customer satisfaction.  It indicates not only on the excellence of their business culture, who also gives one a warm feeling about your borough in general."


GLOVES!  A lady wrote in to say her father had lost his gloves on his bus out to Hornsea.  On his way back he looked on the bus to see if they were there, and couldn't find them, so mentioned his loss to the driver.  The driver was able to tell him that the driver of the morning bus had found the gloves and handed them in, and they were shortly reunited with their owner.  The lady said that although the gloves were not of high value, they were her father's favourites, and he was extremely happy to get them back, and she wanted to thank all those involved in their recovery.


BAG!  "I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to [a member of staff at our Scarborough Travel Centre] for dealing with [leaving a bag on the bus] as quickly and efficiently as possible.  I managed to get the bag back in the space of 45 minutes with her help.  Please pass my sincere thanks on for her help in the matter."


CAR!!!  And not just forgetting possessions, but also forgetting where you're parked!  We received a letter from a passenger who took a Scarborough Park & Ride bus back to the wrong car park.  "I did not realise my mistake until we got to [the wrong car park] as this was just about the last bus back and there was not enough time for us to return to town and get the right bus [back to the car park where their car was parked].  When I told the driver my problem he was extremely helpful and after contacting someone on his radio he took us back to the [correct] car park.  I would just like to pass on my thanks to him for his quick thinking and no problem attitude, he turned what could have been a nightmare into a problem easy to solve.  Thank you."

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