"Keeping our children safe"

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We recently got a letter from a parent of a child at a local school who wanted to express her "delight" with our school bus service.

She said "I have watched from my window on many occasions the embarking and disembarking of students onto the bus, and witnessed the driver keeping order and calm during the process.  I'm impressed.

I have also seen the driver struggle in the perilous weather conditions and watched admirably at the skilful driving to keep our children safe.  I am very grateful to EYMS for maintaining services during adverse weather conditions.

More recently, my youngest daughter was late for [one bus].  She was saved by the driver of [another school bus] pulling over to pick her up.  It was brilliant that a driver would not see a child stranded and aided her safe transportation to school.  I am grateful for your drivers' diligence in looking after the safety of our children.

I would like to say a very big thank you to the drivers at EYMS for their hard work and skill.  I can only assume that a rowdy crowd of kids on board must be very testing of their patience on occasions.  We are extremely grateful to them."

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