Great driving

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We've had quite a few letters and phone calls recently praising the driving skills and general pleasantness of our bus drivers.

EYMS Bus & Coach Training make sure all our drivers are highly trained in both driving and customer care, so that your bus experience is the best it can be.

Here are a few examples of comments we've received recently...

"We would like to compliment the standard and professionalism of the driver of the X46... we have had this driver a few times and he is always on time.  What a smooth drive we have, and he is very courteous."

"Just experienced my best ride to date (five years).  A young driver, brake control was perfect, lovely and smooth.  More of the same please.!  This lady is a star!"

"I quite often get on one of your buses, with a lady driver.  She is always very cheerful and polite and very helpful to the public.  She is also a very safe and careful driver."

"[The driver of Service 57] was very polite, and waited for everyone to sit down before setting off."

"Last night's driver of 115 was so lovely.  Really smiley and happy, and after a rubbish day at work he brought my stress levels down :-D It means a lot after a bad day to see someone with an ear to ear grin."


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