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Here are some extracts from a letter we received from a Mr J M of Hornsea.

"I would like to take the opportunity of expressing my opinion of two priceless members of your staff.

To make my views objective, it is necessary to give you some background.  I retired from the bus industry recently, having originally worked as a bus conductor, and more recently dealing with the complaints for [another bus operator].

I would like to give my views about two members of your staff, having watched them, daily, for some years.

[Driver 1]: priceless, a nice smile, a good word for every customer as they board, never moves til the elderly or infirm are seated, drives with the most care on bends, stops etc.  [When dealing with wheelchair users, mothers with prams etc he drives] as close to the kerb as he can get, leaves the cab, lifts the chair etc into the space, seats them, asks their destination and then, slowly, pulls away.  He has a pride in how he does his job. 

[Driver 2]: different, but equally priceless.  Always spot on time, cheerful, marvellous customer care skills.

Sir, I would have given my right arm for staff like these two."


Thank you for your letter Mr M, we have passed your kind comments on to the two drivers concerned, and I am sure your words will carry even more weight given your experience in the bus industry - EYMS

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