Highlight of our holiday

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We have received a lovely letter from a family from Scotland, who holiday in Scarborough each year.

"Customers are usually quick to complain when something doesn't meet our expectations, but slow to recognise good service, so I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that I'm writing to you to compliment the Open Top 109 service in Scarborough.

Over the past 6 years the bus ride along the seafront has been a highlight of our annual family holiday and the helpful approach by the drivers and supervisory staff has made travelling on the service a real pleasure.

In particular, I would like to highlight the professionalism of [one member of staff] to you as his friendly, open personality is a credit to both himself and the company.  My son is autistic and during our breaks he has become fascinated with the buses, memorising the timetable sequence and fleet numbers.  [The staff member concerned] has gone out of his way to make [our son's] experience on the buses a joy that I doubt he'll ever forget.  Last year, we took a picture of one of the buses and had it blown up and framed for hanging in our son's room.  I've included a photo [A photo was included of the boy smiling at his bus photo] and would be obliged if you could forward this letter to [the staff member mentioned] in order that he realises the positive impact he has had on a wee boy's childhood.

[The staff member] is not alone in deserving credit - almost every driver and supervisor has a smile and wave for [our son].  Please pass on our thanks to them for helping to make our stays in Scarborough so memorable."

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