Near miss

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SW of Hull has written to us about an experience she had on Service X46 earlier this year.

"I am writing in praise of one of your drivers (all of whom we find cordial and a pleasure to be driven by): but this driver was particularly impressive in coping with a 'near miss' on the X46 route between Hull and York.

[On the road from York] a car shot out in front of the bus across the main road without apparently seeing the danger or caring.  [The driver] braked and swerved; the passengers were buffeted and registered alarm, but no-one was hurt as [the driver] instantly established, calling through the bus before carrying on with the journey.  His driving and his consideration were exemplary; only later did I think what a shock it must have been for him, who had to continue with his responsible job without us showing concern for him.  I apologised when he left the bus, and promised to write commending his prowess."

Thank you for your letter, we have passed a copy on to the driver involved, and we have added a formal commendation to his file - EYMS

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