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Mr PD emailed our Hull depot to praise one of our drivers.  He writes:

"I would like to pass you some positive feedback for [the driver].

I have had the pleasure of travelling with him over the past couple of years, and I have noted a few things about him that make him stand out from the rest:

  • No matter what, courtesy and customer care are there and pouring out, never loses a smile and always greets his passengers warmly.
  • He is safety aware at all times, keeping passengers seated until he stops, explaining the safety to them.
  • His driving standard is impeccable, he is a smooth driver always reading the conditions to make his runs smooth and safe.
  • His physical appearance is never changed - always clean, smart and tidy and gives a good image of an EYMS driver.
  • Last year he was involved in an accident, covered in glass, blood dripping from his face, but he remained calm.  At no point was his thought for himself, he checked all his passengers were ok, then as they left the vehicle [to join another bus] he checked them one by one.  Not many would do the same having sustained an injury.

In my years of travelling in Hull I have met some good drivers, but [this driver] has certainly been one of the best, there is nothing to change with him that would make him better.  A perfect example of how it should be.

If you could pass this feedback to him, it is always good to know that you do a good job, and I would hope it empowers him in some small way to carry on."


Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed email Mr PD, our Hull Depot Manager has passed it on to the driver concerned (who has been the subject of some of the other letters on these 'Happy Customers' pages) - EYMS

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