First aid skills

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Mrs B of Hull writes to tell us that unfortunately her day trip with us to North Yorkshire didn't end up as she hoped.

"Whilst on this day's outing I had the misfortune to have the most horrendous fall shortly after leaving your coach.  [The coach driver] saw what had happened and immediately went into action by telephoning for an ambulance and treating my foot, which was bleeding.

I understand from my friends, with whom I was with, that he also assisted them in contacting the warden of the complex where I live.  He was so kind, concerned and helpful that I feel he went beyond his call of duty.

He saw me right into the amubulance for transport to A&E.

I am only sorry that I was in such a traumatised state that I was unable to thank him for the way in which he helped everybody concerned.

If it is at all possible, would you please pass on my sincerest thanks - a true ambassador for your Company!"

Thank you Mrs B, we hope you're feeling better now, and that you are soon able to come back to North Yorkshire with us and finish the trip you started! - EYMS

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