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The following are just some of the letters, emails, phone calls and tweets that we have had about one particular driver - possibly the happiest bus driver in the world?

"I would just like to say how enjoyable my journey was tonight... [the driver] was so friendly and helpful to everyone who got on and off whilst I was on the bus.  He put a smile on my face as I was observing the genuine warmth he showed everyone."

"Happy bus driver, injecting a little bit of sunshine into a miserable day!"

"I would just like to say how fantastic one of your bus drivers was... the driver was happy, polite and pleasant, he wished everyone a good day, and made us all smile with his happy manner... we felt that he took pride in his work."

"What a pleasant, cheerful driver I met on one of your buses today.  He was friendly and had a cheery word for everyone getting on and off."

"I would like to notify you how friendly, happy and polite the bus driver was.  I ave never witnessed such a kind driver.  I hpe you recognise him as he is a credit to the team."

"Lovely cheerful driver on the 115 this morning, great start to the day!"

"I would just like to praise the driver.  He welcomed and chatted to every single person that got on the bus, asked the elderly to watch how they go, and spoke to everyone that got off the bus and wished them a nice day and to take care.  He was incredibly smiley and upbeat, it was a real pleasure... this guy got my (and I am sure many others) day off to a great start.  Well done that man.  Please pass on my sincere thanks on a job well done."

"I would just like to say how pleasant the driver was, he greeted all the passengers cheerfully and every time someone got off the bus he told them to have a nice day... everyone got off the bus smiling."

"I just want to report a really outstanding member of staff... he was so kind and warm, happy and bouncy to EVERY, and I mean EVERY, passenger... he had time for everybody."

"A big thumbs up to the driver, great customer service and the friendliest bus driver in the world."

"Your bus driver on this bus was so friendly and seemed to love his job... certainly made me smile!"

"The driver was incredibly pleasant and therefore made my day, such a friendly chap!"

"Credit where credit's due, driver on the last 115 out of Cottingham tonight was far cheerier than a bloke on lates need be.  Top notch."

"The driver who did the 33 from town is a credit to your company, very friendly, wishing people well as they got off the bus - nice touch."

"Pleasant journey, lovely mannered friendly driver!"

"His customer service is great and he is a very happy chappy!"

"Very smiley and polite driver.  We were driving home and he let us cross the junction with a friendly smile and a wave.  Great attitude."

"What a lovely driver, very nice, very helpful and a pleasant journey."

"Just wanted to give you some feedback - don't know his name but the driver of [a particular bus] is a STAR!  The most cheerful, friendliest bloke ever.  Polite to everyone on the bus.  Really helpful."

"Friendliest driver ever."

"The driver who was driving the 105 from the University was probably the most lovely guy I've ever met!  Made my day!"

"We would just like to express our thanks for a fantastic service from the driver, who was pleasant, good mannered, courteous and amusing, his demeanour did not alter throughout our journey, he greeted all passengers with a smile and wished all alighting passengers a good evening."

"I was greeted by a happy, cheerful bus driver who was so lovely to everyone who got on and off his bus."

"Our driver was very friendly this morning, and we had a very nice journey."

"How courteous and friendly this driver was to each passenger boarding and alighting."

"Makes my day 10 x better when I get the bestest happiest EY Buses driver!  Best bus driver ever.  He deserves a medal!  He puts a smile on everyone's face.  He's made my day, once again."

"I just wanted to let you know the man driving the bus from Hull to Cottingham today was the nicest, friendliest bus driver I have ever seen.  He deserves much praise and is an asset to your company who certainly deserves a reward." 

"He has driven this route several times, and each and every time greets the customers with a friendly and cheerful manner.  Also, on departure from the bus, he takes the time to wish everyone a good day, without impacting on the speed of service.  I know I am not the only one who appreciates this as it has been commented on by fellow travellers, also as an observation brings a smile to many faces.  A nice way to start the day." 

"He was so friendly and cheerful and put a smile on everyone's face...he made me feel really happy and cheered me up." 

"I do enjoy having the world's jolliest bus driver.  He tells everyone to enjoy their evening and seems to just love life!  I wish I was that jolly all the time."

"...what a difference thse few words make to the end of the journey.  Excellent!"

"The driver of your service from the station was so lovely!  So polite and friendly, wishing everyone well when they got off.  A credit to your firm!"

"I didn't ask for the driver's name, but he was the loveliest bus driver I've ever come across, he told us to take care when we got off and was just really friendly and kind... so if you could pass on this message because he really made my day and brightened it up!"


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