Good Samaritan

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Mrs M emailed us to tell us about an incident she had witnessed on the bus.

"I would like to take the opportunity to inform you of a lovely member of staff you have working for EYMS," she said.

"On my way home from work, one of the customers on the bus had appeared to miss her stop.  The lady [clearly required assistance due to poor health]...and had fallen asleep until the bus was [past her stop].  Once the driver had realised, she spoke to the lady and informed her that she thought she had missed her stop, but not to worry as she'd sort something out.  She seemed concerned for her, but with her kind words she made the lady feel calm.  She then spoke to the local bus station to inform them of the situation, and ask if the lady would be ok to wait at the station for the next bus."

"Once the bus had passed [a stop near a residential home], the lady rang the bell as she seemed to have remembered where she wanted to go.  After double checking with me where [the residential home] was (I was the only other person on the bottom deck), I offered to walk the lady part of the way there, and the driver very kindly told me she'd wait in the bus for me to return - we were both concerned about her walking all the way there alone, in the dark and somewhat confused.  Upon returning back to the bus, the driver thanked me as she felt reassured we had helped the lady return home safely."

"It may seem like a small gesture... but I believe it's service like this that makes all the difference and that the driver deserves recognition for her kindness."

Thank you for letting us know, Mrs M - and we think you were very kind walking the lady home when the driver could not leave her bus unattended - EYMS

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