Ferrero Rocher

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Mr W writes to us on his return from a holiday he and some friends took to the Isle of Wight with East Yorkshire Coaches.

Mr W enjoyed the "wonderful" holiday, with "a first class holiday experience that is hard to beat".

He has taken the time to write and commend the coach driver of the trip.  "We also had the pleasure of his company some years ago on a trip to Dublin.  What an absolute gem you have there.  He is the most friendly, amiable and pleasant driver you could ever wish for.  I appreciate that all coach drivers are trained to a very high standard.. but once again, top marks for [the driver], as it puts the icing on the cake to have a lovely, jolly driver throughout the holiday, not just on the coach, but in the restaurant and the complex too.  We even treated him to a few Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which are not easy to give away!"

Save some for us!  Thanks for taking the time to write in, we've passed your lovely words on the driver - EYMS

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