A series of fortunate events

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Mr K, who was visiting the region from the North West, wrote to tell us of his experiences whilst holidaying here.

"I am writing to congratulate you on the quality of staff that my wife and I had the pleasure to come into contact with on our very recent trip to Scarborough.

The first trip we took was on the 120 service from Scarborough to Bridlington.  There was quite a long queue... [but] the driver dealt quickly and good-naturedly with all of the passengers.  The couple in front of us had suitcases and were going to a caravan camp, and the driver explained a number of ticket options to help them make the most of their stay...[they got on the bus] armed with instructions on how to save on bus travel with tickets they could buy when they next got on the bus.  We purchased our tickets and a bit more advice was given about services that were not part of the deal.  The journey was comfortable and we saw a lot more than on previous visits when we drove our own car to Bridlington.

My wife said how patient and friendly the bus driver was, and wondered why they couldn't all be like that.  I went to the travel kiosk at Bridlington to ask if there was a faster service back to Scarborough, [the kiosk attendant] said that we could either fly or get the 121 which left at ten past each hour (second happy member of your staff).

We spent a few hours in Bridlington and then got the 121, we only went as far as Filey with the intention of getting the next 121 back to Scarborough.  We spent a bit too long there, and as we were walking back to the bus station I looked at my watch and the timetable in my other hand and said "I think we've missed it!"  I looked up, and sure enough the 121 was coming towards us having left the Bus Station.  Well, the driver must have taken in the scene in a second and indicated for us to cross over the road - he stopped the bus a little further along the road and we boarded (I will be telling everyone in Liverpool about that).  The third good thing, and we'd only been on three buses.

I have never taken the time to praise a service, but what started out as a seemingly one-off considerate driver turned into a series of events that lead me to believe that your staff are really passenger focused and friendly.  Well done to those I met and congratulations to EYMS."

Thank you, Mr K, we hope you visit the region again soon - EYMS


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