Workplace Travel

How can East Yorkshire help your business?

We have been running buses in the area for over 80 years, and over that time we've worked with many local businesses and organisations. Whether you want to subsidise staff travel, discuss rerouting buses to serve your business, hire coaches to get your workers on site, pay for trainees to get to work or simply want to promote sustainable methods of travel, we can help.

Travel Plans - Helping you increase bus use at your workplace

We can help your travel plan co-ordinator promote bus travel in your workplace and we can provide a number of ticketing options for your staff. We have an array of special tickets and passes, including:

  • Smartcards. We can provide 'top-up' cards for individuals or companies to use to pay for bus travel.
  • Ticket vouchers. Use these to pay for employee travel instead of handing out cash for bus fares.
  • Special passes. Large organisations which have many employees travelling could get their own bespoke travel passes.

Increasing bus use can have benefits for your company, for individual staff members and for the local community.

Benefits for your company:

  • Reduced pressure on car parking.
  • Allows staff and visitors who don't drive to get to your office easily - 25% off all households don't have access to a car.
  • Minimises stress from 'road rage' and driving through heavy traffic.
  • Reduced traffic congestion in the local area, so even staff members who drive can get to work quicker.
  • An easy and simple way for your company to subsidise staff travel.
  • Improved reputation for sustainability amongst stakeholders and the local community.
  • Having an effective travel plan in place can help with planning applications for new sites.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, such as encouraging sustainable travel, can have many benefits, from helping you win awards to improving staff morale.

Benefits for staff:

  • Staff can make better use of the time when they are not having to drive.
  • Don't have to struggle to park.
  • No expenditure on fuel, parking or car maintenance.
  • No worries about parking fines or being caught by speed cameras.

Wider benefits:

  • A double decker bus can carry as many people as 20 fully occupied cars, but only takes up a fraction of the road space.
  • Taking the bus can help people achieve recommended exercise levels, as they walk to and from the bus stop.
  • Congestion costs the UK economy at least £11 billion a year, according to the Institute for Transport Studies.
  • If everyone switched just one car journey a month to the bus that would be one billion fewer car journeys on our roads, and a saving of 2 million tonnes of CO2, say Greener Journeys.

Your company may be trying to increase bus use, but finding that people are reluctant to use public transport because they are unfamiliar with it. The biggest challenge for travel plan co-ordinators is to change travel habits and helping staff gain confidence about public transport is a step towards this.

To help increase bus use, try:

  • Putting a link on your website or intranet to this website. Employees can use our timetable search on the home page to find their nearest bus service, and new bus users can see our FAQs for information on how to use the bus. You could even put a link to our Find My Bus tracker so that your staff and customers can see real time information about the next buses to leave the stops nearest your business.
  • Telling your staff about BusLine, our bus information line. Open Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm, call BusLine on 01482 59 29 29 to get information on suitable bus services, including times, routes and fares.
  • Stocking local bus timetables in your offices or shops. Give BusLine a ring to order your leaflets on 01482 59 29 29.
  • Letting your customers know how to get to you by bus. Not everyone who visits your workplace will be in a car, so make sure details of local bus services are available on your website and in your promotional materials.
  • Fully or partly subsidising travel for staff by setting up a ticket, voucher or pass scheme with us.
  • Contacting us to let us know the shift patterns for your site and where people travel from so that we know when your staff need buses to arrive and leave - consider circulating a travel questionnaire to your employees.
  • Large organisations could consider hosting a 'bus surgery' on site, so employees can find out their options for travelling to work. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.
  • Contacting us to get information on how to further promote buses to your staff.

For more details, or for advice on setting up a travel plan, please contact the East Yorkshire Marketing Department on 01482 327142 or email

Contract Service Planning

Your business can make use of the extensive experience we have in planning bus journeys. We can assist you in planning and costing one-off and ongoing bus contracts for your company. We can also examine rerouting and rescheduling bus services to improve public transport access to your site. For further information please contact the East Yorkshire Planning department on 01482 327142 or email

Coach hire

East Yorkshire Coaches can provide a vehicle for every occasion. With a fleet of coaches to hire, we can provide a one-stop shop for all your group travel needs. We can arrange not only your transportation, but also hotel accommodation, ferry crossings and much more. We also have vintage vehicles to hire for business and promotional events. For more details please take a look at our coach hire pages or ring East Yorkshire Coaches on 01482 222 444.

East Yorkshire Bus & Coach Training

We are a DSA-approved Driver CPC Centre, offering Driver CPC periodic courses for operators and local authorities employing PCV drivers, or for individuals who hold a PCV driving licence and wish to drive professionally. Courses are available on a range of topics, including customer care and disability awareness, drivers' hours and tachographs, first aid and health and safety (including manual handling) to name but a few.

See our training pages for more details, or ring our Training Manager on 01482 592935.