Frequently Asked Questions

Hopping on and off the bus is something many of us take for granted, but for some first-time bus users the experience can be an overwhelming one, especially for children and those new to the area.

Our FAQs are designed to tell you everything you need to know about using our buses. Whether you’re new to our buses or a daily commuter, you may find something you didn't know here!

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Travelling on the bus

Finding bus information

Bus problems

Help! I’ve left something on the bus, what do I do?

What happens if I see anti-social behaviour while on the bus?

How can I give feedback or suggestions about your bus services?

How do you investigate complaints?

Why is my bus late?

Why is my bus waiting at a station or a stop?

Why don’t you use a smaller bus on quieter journeys?

Why can’t you put a bigger bus on this busy journey?

Why doesn’t the driver turn off the engine at every stop to save fuel?

I was running to the bus stop but the bus left without me. Why?

We advise that you plan to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes before the time the bus is due to depart, just in case you are delayed on the way. A bus should not leave early from a stop, but in order to keep to time and prevent delaying all the other passengers it is unlikely the bus will wait if you are running late.

Once a bus driver has closed the doors and is about to move off, he or she is concentrating on the traffic and watching the road and mirrors. The driver is unlikely to see you if you are running up behind the bus, as their priority is safely moving the bus out into the traffic. Once the driver has started indicating to move out, we advise them not to change their mind and move back to the bus stop, even if a passenger has just arrived, as this can confuse other traffic and could cause an accident.

To find out real-time information about when your bus will be arriving at its stop, use our Find My Bus tracker.

Fares and tickets

Buses and you

Becoming a bus driver

Hiring a coach or bus

Coach holidays and day trips

Additionally, see our leaflet on Help us make your journey better (PDF, 242Kb, opens in new window)

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