Frequently Asked Questions

Hopping on and off the bus is something many of us take for granted, but for some first-time bus users the experience can be an overwhelming one, especially for children and those new to the area.

Our FAQs are designed to tell you everything you need to know about using our buses. Whether you’re new to our buses or a daily commuter, you may find something you didn't know here!

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Travelling on the bus

Finding bus information

Bus problems

Fares and tickets

Do I need to have the correct change?

Do children have to pay bus fares?

How can I save money on my bus fares?

I’m only 15 but look older, how can I prove I’m eligible for child fares?

If you’re nearing the age of 16, or look like you could be, you’ll need to carry some sort of photo ID to prove you are eligible for child fares.

We realise it’s not always practical to carry around a passport, so we offer a letter of authority from the company to prove you’re eligible for child fares.

To get a letter, you need to send a passport photograph, along with a copy of your birth certificate, to the Customer Relations Officer, EYMS, 252 Anlaby Road, Hull, HU3 2RS. We recommend you send a copy, rather than the original, as we cannot take responsibility for lost documents. Alternatively, you can drop in to our Head Office on Anlaby Road. Please check our opening times before visiting. Once we’ve received the copy of your birth certificate we’ll send you a letter that can be shown to the driver confirming that you’re entitled to child fares until your 16th birthday. The letter will have an expiry date and your photograph on, so no one else can use it.

Once you reach 16 you don't need to pay full adult fares, but you’ll still get 20% off with our 16-18 fare offer.

Can I use a weekly or day rover ticket as part-payment towards a longer journey?

Why do I need to keep my bus ticket once I’ve got on the bus?

Can I use my return ticket to travel over two days?

How do I use my concessionary travel pass?

What’s a Team Ticket?

What’s a family ticket?

What are Nightowl Fares?

How much will my journey cost?

How do you calculate your fares?

Buses and you

Becoming a bus driver

Hiring a coach or bus

Coach holidays and day trips

Additionally, see our leaflet on Help us make your journey better (PDF, 242Kb, opens in new window)

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